Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sleep.....Whats That?

It's 3 AM.....thump thump thump....I raise my head and open my tired eyes...HOLY CRAP someone has a flashlight on and is searching the house.  OK dude, I gotta man up and defend the castle......its go time baby!!  I have watched enough UFC to know the basics....the burglar is getting the rear naked choke hold in a sec!!  As soon as I get out the bedroom I see the intruder.....he is short....I mean really short.....its my 2 1/2 year old son and the flashlight I bought him at the dollar store!!!  Shew!!!! 

                              OK...not my son but its all I had at the time!!

This pretty much sums up every night for the past 3 weeks.  Ever since my son has figured out how to get out of his crib....this has been what sleep is like.  Dont' get me wrong, I thought he would have figured that one out a while back so we have been sleeping on borrowed time.  Other than the burglar incident, there is a new thing every night.  Last night was just as bad, between my son getting out of bed and going in the living room and turning on the TV to my 9 month old daughter crying until momma put her in the (squeaky) swing in our bedroom......sleep is hard to come by!!  Wouldn't trade it for the world! ;)

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