Thursday, March 10, 2011

Going Bald? What do I do now......Buzz it!!

I am sure a great deal of us will encounter this very problem at one point in our lives.  I am currently dealing with wife calls it my "situation"! haha  Thankfully we are living in a time where the fix is easy, and most women think its cool.  I am talking about the buzz cut!!  Yes the buzz cut, the final destination!!! 

My hair loss began after I got married and started having kids (imagine that), at this point its receding and the back is fading.  For a while I was just pushing hair over to attempt to cover the areas but one day saw a guy with a similar pattern doing the exact same thing.  I had to ask this the beginning of a comb over?!?!?!  Dear God NO!!!!  Nothing is worse than a guy with a comb over.  I imagine these guys actually believe they are fooling people to thinking they aren't going bald.  Ugh, what was I going to do.  With limited funds and the lack of patience to do hair treatments, I decided to try the buzz cut.

Luckily, in college I buzzed my hair once and I loved it.  So I had a good idea what i would look like.....but this is 10 years, a few pounds, and a receding hairline still scary to do!!  I started exploring the web for other guys that had done this and came across a ton of celebrities that have the same concern. 

                            Jason Stratham, pullin off the buzz n beard!                          

Carey Hart (married to Pink) sports a very short buzz

David Bekham

Frederick Ljunberg, professional soccer player

So now you are ready to take the plunge.  You have accepted the fact that the hair is NOT returning and that you are going to own your look.....not disguise it!  Depending on your level of baldness you can go with different lengths.  If your only beginning to lose yours a bit then  a #2 or 3 guard on your trimmer will do the trick.  If your hair line is a bit more advanced then a #1 guard like Carey Hart or Frederick Ljunberg (pictured above) is really what you need.  I promise, once you do this you will be free of worrying about this problem.  Your confidence will automatically go up and more women will look your way.  The shorter you cut it the more often you will want to maintain it, I recommend about once a week will do it.   If you have it really short like a #1 then its more like twice a week.....but this only take about 5 will still spend WAAAAAAY less time than what you currently do trying to get the existing hair to cover those bald spots juuuust right! Ha  Want more are a few my buzz cut buddies have given me...

"Not worried about any weather condition, wind, or wearing a hat that would mess my hair up."
"I have ridden lots of rollercoasters/amusement park stuff with my wife--don't have to worry about the hair."

"Gone to the beach all last summer, swimming, pool parties etc and never worried about my hair."

"Learned to ride and bought a motorcycle--I can ride anytime, anywhere without worrying about messing my hair up."

"People look into my eyes when they talk to me, and I know whether they are being "real" or not."

"Got some cool nicknames like "Skeletor" and "Captain America""

"Get much more sleep than I used to--shaving it every day is EASY, and takes much less time." 

Anyways guys, happy buzzing and leave some comments.

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